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Welcome to National Poetry Month 2015

Originally posted on April Is National Poetry Month!:

Greetings, Poetry Lovers!

We stand upon the cusp of April once again, ready to dive head- or feet- or backside-first into the refreshing pool of National Poetry Month!

Yawp! Hike up your haiku and unpack your iambs, it will be a terrific ride the next 30 poetry-fueled days!

Be well, be happy, be poetic.

— Team April


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walking alone – solsc#24



I’ve been doing the Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life blog challenge. Reading and commenting on posts is as important as writing your own. But I hadn’t thought to share a post before this. I don’t walk out much but need to now that the weather is nicer and the air not too cold for breathing ease. When I do, it is alone. So is house time.

Originally posted on fireflytrails:

Today I was scheduled to walk with a friend. We had developed this Tuesday routine back in the fall when I was newly retired and she was between jobs. Since then, her new employment and the cold weather brought an interruption to our weekly visits, but we were both able to walk today.

When I stopped my car in the park, I found her text message saying she wouldn’t be able to make it after all. I started to go on home and “get some things done” and then I stopped…

There were several walkers already on the trail.

Each was walking alone.

I could walk by myself.

And so I did. As I started the trek I wished I had brought along my camera. There were so many things to see. And so much to think about along the way.

The bright sun low in the sky, shining like…

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Getting better news: my daily routine



Fed up with deeply flawed mainstream media news? Here’s a good recipe for developing your own personal newstream.

Originally posted on Bryan Alexander:

Some of you know I make a habit of criticizing American tv news, because it’s generally awful.  After one such mocking a Twitter friend asked, “what do you favor for news?”  I decided to answer, because ultimately it’s a good thing for a critic of something to pose better alternatives.

Nearly all of my news consumption is Web-based.

I begin each morning with a run through a customized Google News page, on my laptop (if I’m at home or an office space) or phone (if on the run).  If you haven’t used this, and a shockingly high number of people tell me they haven’t, know that Google News is a meta-news source.  It trawls some outrageous number of news sites (newspaper, tv, radio, Web) to build immediate models of topics news people are focusing on.  So in second Google News gives me the closest thing we have to…

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The Ultimate Social Media Diagram?



a lot why my day usually looks like…especially all of February this year going forward through now…ready for the trolls and bots to go back under their bridges and the pace to let up

Originally posted on i C P G:

UPDATE 8/16/2008: Some people have been asking for a bigger version of this illustration. I don’t have it in a vector format because I hacked it together out of JPEGs in Photoshop. But here’s the biggest, cleanest version I have. Feel free to use and share however you’d like, but please link people back here. Thanks!

Download BIG version of “social media mess”

Hmm. Could the chart below be the most insightful social media diagram ever?


Not just because, like all good illustrations, it steals liberally from the best thinking in the business.

Or because it has more circles and charts and connections than any I’ve ever seen.

Or even because it contains popular words, concepts and logos.

I like it is because I think it’s pretty accurate.

  • It’s an unholy, incomprehensible mess.
  • It’s anxiety-provoking
  • The more earnest you are about trying to understand it, the more your…

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Using Your Own Writing as a Teaching Tool

Using Your Own Writing as a Teaching Tool


writing and teaching…plus slicing (yes, I still am hanging in there with daily posts for the March Slice of Life blogging challenge ~ you can see them at

Originally posted on TWO WRITING TEACHERS:


It seems appropriate that today’s postshould be related to using your own writing in the classroom. We are, after all, in the midst of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. And what an amazing month it has already been. This year has been our biggest, most successful year yet! We have over 300 participants from all over the world, sharing their writing every day!

As a writing teacher, one of the most important things you can do is practice, practice, practice your own writing. Every time you sit down to write you are gaining insider knowledge about what writers do–so that you can share that knowledge with the kids you teach.

Here are fourways you mightuse your own writing as a teaching tool in the classroom.

1. Use your own writing as an exemplar for major revision.

It is incredibly powerful for kids to see that adults really do…

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Generation Watching



here’s an insightful gem from the #SOL15 (Slice of Life) blogging challenge

Originally posted on Learning Through Living:

Occasionally, after a nice dinner on a Friday or Saturday night, Eric and I like to hit up a nearby bar and just people watch.

We watch a group of young twenty somethings in the corner taking shots, laughing loudly, and making their presence well known to the rest of the bar.

Outside we are saying:

Look at those kids.  We were never like that!

Inside we are saying:

Look at those kids.  Wish we could hang like that again.

We watch a group of thirty something guys in hockey jerseys drinking beers, yelling at the TV, and groaning loudly when the opposing team scores.

Outside they are saying:

C’mon boys!  Make that shot!  Block that puck!

Inside they are saying:

C’mon boys!  Make that shot!  Block that puck!

We watch a table of forty something moms in their favorite pair of jeans, drinking wine, talking about their kids, and…

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Breaking News: New Mexico Student Protests Against PARCC Continue


Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:

Hundreds of students at Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque walked out to protest the PARCC tests. In their march to another high school, they blocked traffic.

Some students complained that they would be denied a diploma based on this one test. One student said it was so difficult that not even the teachers could pass it.

Meanwhile the Albuquerque school board warned students who walked out that they would be given a zero and would face other consequences.

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REFUSE to surrender our children’s rights. OPT-OUT. How?



saluting the brave NM youth….

Originally posted on Reclaim Reform:

Mr. Rogers knew. Mr. Arne Duncan, certain governors, legislators, school boards and school administrators seem to be ignoring our and our children’s basic rights.

Whatever race or combination of races we and our children are, we have basic human rights.

Mr Rogers and Arne Duncan

We and our children do not surrender our basic rights as Americans as we enter a school building.

Civil rights apply to all Americans. How can we stop the labeling and monetizing of our children when they are forced to take high stakes tests that none of us as parents were ever forced to take?

The wonderful people at United Opt Out National give us the paperwork to complete to defend our children and our children’s basic human rights.

Whether we are one of those “white suburban moms” that Arne Duncan insulted or are someone he chose to marginalize and ignore, we have legal recourse by filing a valid Civil…

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Students statewide walkout in protest of new tests. Here’s everything you need to know and the schools where that is happening.