WBI survey: Workplace bullying zoomed online during pandemic

In the time of #covid19, workplace bullies don’t disappear when you go online. Should we add #zoombullying to our bullying hashtag list?

Minding the Workplace

From WBI, workplacebullying.org

Workplace bullying didn’t disappear during the pandemic. Rather, much of this behavior simply went online, mainly via virtual meetings rather than by email.

This is among the key findings of the Workplace Bullying Institute’s latest scientific survey on workplace bullying in the U.S., done in partnership with Zogby Analytics, a leading global polling firm. The survey was conducted in January 2021 and collected data from a nationally representative sample of over 1,200 adults. (Click here for a summary and access to the full report by Dr. Gary Namie, WBI’s co-founder.)

Some 43 percent of respondents reported being subjected to bullying behaviors online either currently or previously, in contrast to a 30 percent prevalence rate overall. By a wide margin, virtual meetings were more likely than email to be the sources of bullying. (Click here for the survey report chapter examining remote bullying.)

This finding helps…

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  1. Oh, the bullying is built into their DNA — bosses, supervisors, chairs, deans, CEO’s and HR. Let’s see, I was wrongfully terminated from a nonprofit, I just talked with a lawyer (employment) and he basically stated the deck is stacked, brother, against filing any lawsuit against the company in Oregon, or anywhere. These lawyers take the diamond cases, i.e. so blatant sextual harassment with a photo and text and email trail, and even then, it is one puke lawyer up against board members who happen to have deep legal and judicial arms out there. Work is also a type of bullying, as is education, K12, if you look deep at how warped capitalism is on every level.


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