By way of explanation

…about this blog. If you’re here because you clicked follow on a comment I made on #sol21 blog post. Thanks for stopping by, but this is not where I slice for SOLSC annual blogging challenge. That would be Reflections over on Blogger.

Doodle Design Style of Blogging Concept.

If you’re a follower not here by way of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, you be wondering why I post so rarely. That question would take a longer answer. Suffice it to say, I haven’t been blogging regularly on either platform. Yes, I ought to post more here, if only to keep my hand in. Maybe I will.

This month will be patchy because of aforementioned blogging challenge. Rules don’t permit platform hopping. Required daily posts (31) will count only on one platform, declared at registration. We’ll see. I’m spending a lot time in Reader: there’s always sharing other WP posts…

By VanessaVaile

Briefly: identity, a work in progress, curiosity driven lifelong learner, polyglot polymath, proud SJW, curator of myself, guerrilla educationist, retired educator, wrangler, wanderer.

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