A Seat At The Table

A Seat At The Table

A View from the Curve

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

I found myself actually asking for “a seat at the table” this week (in a conversation about a potential job).  I guess this post by Simon Ensor resonated so much in my mind that it came out in my speaking.

Simon asks us to consider what it means to have a seat at the table.  Whose table?  Who gets to sit there?  Who has the power?  Does everyone have power when they get a seat at the table?  Who is not invited to sit at the table? He examines all sorts of metaphorical and actual tables–the dinner table, the boardroom table, the inner sanctums of the seats of power and the moneylenders’ tables.

Here are a few examinations of my own.

The Experts’ Table

On Saturday, I sat at a table in a room full of tables.  I was happy to sit at that table…

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