N is for: Not today, Not in the mood, Not

when you’re NOT in the mood ~ just take a cranky break. sometimes we need one. learning about chōka is a plus and made me less cranky.

I was curious about how it related to Tanka. So I looked it up and went down the internet rabbit hole — also good for cranky mitigation, https://www.google.com/search?q=choka+vs+tanka

if you want kin, you must plant kin ...

Tonight I am cranky. Tired and cranky. The day started mostly well. But bad news has a way of forcing any glimmer of hope and happiness to gutter and fade. This will pass. I know it will. But for now, all I want to say is, No.

No. No. No. No. No.

And also: Damn it.


Mixing of cultures
dipping toes in the water
Learning who we are,
learning how we are alike
past the differences
that poke at us, cloud our view
We have now, just now
to listen with eyes open.
We have only now —
this half-spent moment, this breath.
to listen, finally hear.

I keep trying to poke at different things with these chōka . I’m too fussy right now to have a real opinion about this one. It doesn’t do what I wanted it to, but it’s done, and that’s got to be enough of…

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By VanessaVaile

Briefly: identity, a work in progress, curiosity driven lifelong learner, polyglot polymath, proud SJW, curator of myself, guerrilla educationist, retired educator, wrangler, wanderer.


    1. Not mine actually — Girl Griot’s. She’s writing and blogging a poem a day for National Poetry Month. I’m just poetry bombing it. http://mountainairarts.blogspot.com/2017/04/april-poetrybombing-for-npm17.html

      Over on Miscellaneous Arts (formerly Mountainair Arts) I blogged about Villon and a Lowell translation from Knopf’s NPM poem-a-day email. http://mountainairarts.blogspot.com/2017/04/poetrybombing-francois-villon-for-npm17.html

      A welcome change of pace from my usual fare.

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