A Tribute to Ihab Hassan


an intellectual hero and influence on both my writing and how I teach it

The Antioch Review Blog

The Antioch Review published several articles and stories by Ihab Hassan during his life, beginning in the Summer 1982 issue, with an essay on the writer, Saul Bellow. That was followed by “Ma’lesh” in the Summer 2011 issue and “Australia Ascending: In the Mirror of David Matlouf” in the Spring, 2014 issue. His latest essay in the Antioch Review, “The Educated Heart: The Humanities in the Age of Marketing and Technology,” in the Fall 2015 issue, came out shortly before his death on September 10, 2015. Following is an article that appeared on the blog of a former student, Kevin Lynch, who had the honor of studying with Hassan at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where Hassan taught for over forty years. Lynch has given us permission to reprint his tribute to one of America’s leading thinkers. All of us at The Antioch Review mourn the loss of…

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