#COP21: The Global #Climate Movement Will Have To Save Itself


…from the Popular Resistance December 6, 2015 newsletter

COP21 Conference of PollutersAs we reach the halfway point of the climate talks in Paris, it becomes clearer that the final agreement will not be adequate to mitigate the disastrous impacts of the climate crisis and but that some NGOs will spin it as a success anyway. The talks are being heavily influenced by the big polluters such as the fossil fuel lobby and anyone who points out is immediately arrested as in this video. They will stop at nothing. Exxon is going after the journalists who exposed their climate cover-up. Even Bill Gates is in Paris looking for ways to cash in.

Resistance is being suppressed in Paris, but it is lively in other places.

In Australia, one hundred protesters took over Parliament demanding stronger action on the climate crisis.On Saturday, people in Rhode Island protested a proposed power plant and pipeline by planting flowers at the site. They are part of the fight against Spectra’s AIM pipeline. The fight inspired two Spectra inspectors to blow the whistle on safety violations.

In the Northwestern US, communities are taking dramatic steps to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure which is essential if we are to keep 80% of remaining fossil fuel in the ground. Portland, OR voted last month to oppose any new projects for the storage or transportation of fossil fuels in or around their city. They are calling on other cities to do the same. This comes as a new report shows that proposed fossil fuel projects in the Northwest could equal an added 22 million cars and another new report shows that clean energy projects are good for the economy.

Not only will the Paris climate treaty fail to take necessary steps, but also the Clean Power Plan (CPP) in the US falls far short and pushes more methane, a very powerful Greenhouse Gas. Some are concerned that the CPP will push more nuclear energy too, which is far from clean. There is no safe way to mine Uranium. Clean Up The Mines is increasing its call to deal with the 15,000 abandoned Uranium mines in the US that are poisoning communities. Sign the petition to support this call.


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