Marina Refuge

Marina Refuge

for the 10th anniversary, here’s another Katrina story from the @GulfSails blogger ~ his posts, published in the collection, A Howling in the Wires, sparked my own interest in blogging.

Gulf Latitudes

Riding out Hurricane Katrina in a New Orleans Marina

Published – Cruising Helmsman (Australia)
©2013 – Troy Gilbert

Ask anyone whether they think it would be a good idea to ride out Hurricane Katrina aboard a boat in a New Orleansmarina and it is almost guaranteed that they wouldn’t even think it was a real question.

But that was the hurricane plan for three New Orleans liveaboards who were only expecting one heck of a wicked night out on their boats. What they got instead were three weeks of hell, camaraderie and heroism.

In a city home to many people living eccentric lifestyles, it should come as no surprise that New Orleans has a very active liveaboard population, and one that has truly evolved into a neighborhood of long time friends living in an almost communal setting. This kinship served them well through the storm and then again as…

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