walking alone – solsc#24


I’ve been doing the Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life blog challenge. Reading and commenting on posts is as important as writing your own. But I hadn’t thought to share a post before this. I don’t walk out much but need to now that the weather is nicer and the air not too cold for breathing ease. When I do, it is alone. So is house time.


Today I was scheduled to walk with a friend. We had developed this Tuesday routine back in the fall when I was newly retired and she was between jobs. Since then, her new employment and the cold weather brought an interruption to our weekly visits, but we were both able to walk today.

When I stopped my car in the park, I found her text message saying she wouldn’t be able to make it after all. I started to go on home and “get some things done” and then I stopped…

There were several walkers already on the trail.

Each was walking alone.

I could walk by myself.

And so I did. As I started the trek I wished I had brought along my camera. There were so many things to see. And so much to think about along the way.

The bright sun low in the sky, shining like…

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