Getting better news: my daily routine


Fed up with deeply flawed mainstream media news? Here’s a good recipe for developing your own personal newstream.

Bryan Alexander

Some of you know I make a habit of criticizing American tv news, because it’s generally awful.  After one such mocking a Twitter friend asked, “what do you favor for news?”  I decided to answer, because ultimately it’s a good thing for a critic of something to pose better alternatives.

Nearly all of my news consumption is Web-based.

I begin each morning with a run through a customized Google News page, on my laptop (if I’m at home or an office space) or phone (if on the run).  If you haven’t used this, and a shockingly high number of people tell me they haven’t, know that Google News is a meta-news source.  It trawls some outrageous number of news sites (newspaper, tv, radio, Web) to build immediate models of topics news people are focusing on.  So in second Google News gives me the closest thing we have to…

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