Reblogging Etiquette


Personally, that about covers it. Basic blogging etiquette still applies: whenever the original author asks to have material removed, for whatever reason, just do it. Then, depending on circumstancs, add the person/s to your personal digital no-fly list and walk away ~ #notime4sillystuff

Heart of a Lunatic

I’ve been reblogged a few times (once or twice by the person that inspired this post), and my decision never do them myself is very much at odds with my opinion on the practice itself. So when I saw Opinionated Man’s Daily Opinion post on the subject I thought I’d answer the questions he posed about it, if only to explore and explain my perspective.

Do you consider being reblogged without being asked first rude?

No, and I think it’s rude to take offense or complain if someone reblogs one of your posts.If you’ve made a blog, written on it, and left it accessible to the public then you’ve got no right to complain about the ripples your words cause in the world of the internet. Negative attention isn’t something to complain about either. If someone was impacted enough by you to share some of your work, it doesn’t matter if…

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