How to Turn Great Literature into Informational Text


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An English teacher in high school was told to conform to the Common Core standards by reducing fiction inhis classesand including more informational text. Here is his reading list:

“I put together this list of required readings for 9-12 when I was told by our curriculum director that we could, with few exceptions only teach “informational texts” in English class, because it was what Common Core Standards required. Here is my list with the explanation following of why it is an informational text:

A New Curriculum for the Common Core

Ninth Grade

1. The Odyssey – A Traveler’s guide to aging gracefully, with sections on Parenting, building effective life-long relationships, and finding peace with God.

2. Oliver Twist – The young person’s guide to life on the streets.

3. The Sea Wolf – A guide to success in the workplace and getting along with difficult people.

4. Dr. Jekyll and…

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