After such broadband, what applications?


Bryan Alexander

How will we use digital technologies differently if we boost broadband speeds and access?  Will faster connections change the way we live?

The Pew Research Internet Project canvassed a bunch of us for our thoughts.  Respondents generally noted similar themes, including increased telepresence, expanded socialization and collaboration, the possibility of new art forms, vast piles of data.  Some see virtual reality actually in use, while others shade that into augmented reality.  Most saw mobile devices as deeply involved in everyday life.

Education and medicine received more attention than other social sectors.  People emphasized personalization, big data, lifelong learning, and always-on learning for the former.

My own compressed, almost frantic response:

“Gaming has become a planetary culture industry, and it often relies on Internet connections for downloads, socialization, P2P gaming, security, etc. Game designers constantly push the resolution and display envelope; more bandwidth encourages this. We should expect new forms…

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