Abundant Communities in Action: Street Parks, Gardens, Steps, and Rainbows  


What a lovely idea on for anywhere, surely adaptable to whatever scale or use suits a community

Building Creative Bridges

When San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) and San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) representatives gathered over the weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Street Parks Program, they were honoring something that is both quintessentially San Franciscan and something seen throughout the United States: our ability to find abundance where others see cast-offs.

Block--Abundant_Community_BookIt’s the sort of commitment documented by Peter Block and John McKnight through their Abundant Community book, website, and online discussions. It’s a movement beautifully grounded in Tactical Urbanism. And it’s a sustainable, community-based, volunteer-driven effort that celebrates the work of people we don’t often notice: the people behind the projects that make our communities far more rich than they otherwise would be. Not bad for country where we so often hear about how badly divided we are.

“The [Street Parks] project was started to enable and assist community members in adopting DPW…

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  1. Thanks for reposting this, Vanessa. Completely agree that the approach is adaptable to a variety of projects based on individual community needs–and aspirations. Our own community continues to grow steadily as a result of what we all accomplished together and the increasing attention the project is receiving throughout the world.

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    • most of my online course/ mooc shares go to the mooc or adjunct WordPress, but this one was such a perfect fit with two interests: cities/place making, and community blogging/social media. Then there was remembering all those wonderful green areas of all sizes all over SF ~ and representation ot cityspace in literature as a dss topic.

      It’s bookmarked too for my city/cityspace collection too. Parts may show up on one of the city / space related blogs too

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