Gute Fahrt: Lost in German translation

Gute Fahrt: Lost in German translation

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The German language is similar to English in many ways. Lots of words sound approximately the same in both languages:

  • Apple = Apfel
  • Bed = Bett
  • House = Haus

But not all words match so closely, with occasionally hilarious results for English speakers.


A PSA on the Berlin subway A sign on Berlin’s subway warning people to hold onto their things for a safe ride. Note how the force of the fahrt takes her off her feet.

This is the one guaranteed to make every English speaker giggle like a six-year-old. The H is silent, so it’s pronounced Fart.

Fahrt in German is a verb meaning “drive” – from the infinitive “fahren”, “to drive”. It’s the third person singular: “Suzanne fahrt” means “Suzanne drives.”

It’s also a noun. So it’s perfectly acceptable in German to wish someone a “Gute Fahrt” – a “Good trip”… though probably not to the bathroom.

Not all Hamburgers are for eating

This one is…

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  1. Vanessa, in Europe life is fun, all those different languages around us are a constant source of jokes and pun.
    On the backside wall of a big shop is ” See you at the other side ” (In English) because they want us to visit the front of the shop. 😉


    • I know ~ I always enjoyed all the word play too with so many languages. My parents did too ~ a family of pun lovers who read dictionaries for fun. Play also makes language learning more fun for students… I’ve done that teaching Spanish and ESL (in English, as much the constructions and spelling that don’t make sense as puns).

      Love the “see you on the the side” but it might not go over locally ~ too many fundamentalists in the community



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