Books – them selfish creatures #rhizo14


I was working with Sam Armistead (this post would have enchanted him) on oral traditions (Spanish) right around the same time that I was also becoming involved (connected?) with the internet. Both worlds, so far apart in time and technology, never felt incompatible. I often find myself understanding/explaining networks in terms of oral traditions. This fits so well…another point of Sam’s was that print and oral went back and forth, fed each other.

Little did I know

Indian HeaddressIndian Headdress by John Dalkin (C) all rights reserved

Beauty is in the mind and soul of the bereader
Although reading a book might be a different experience every time you read it, it is still an alone experience. The different perceptions and insights we might have when reading the same book at different points in time are conjured up by the reader’s subjectivity, the fact that we are ever-changing creatures – inside and out. It is, nonetheless, an alone process. We could compare the experience to that of listening to a song being played in a very small room, and the sensory experiences that will ensue, and then playing that same song in a very large room, with entirely different acoustics. The sensory experience will certainly be a different one. The same music resonates differently in each scenario. Therefore, it could be said that it is the reader…

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