Hire Education Fire Sale: WE ARE AT WAR


Migrant Intellectual


Threat assessment: highest possible “Severe” level

This is a Fire Sale my friends, brought to you by the (for) hire/higher educators.

As though pulled right from Orwell’s 1984, COURSERA is the latest front in the propaganda wars between corporate online course providers and cash-strapped colleges and universities.


As with most wars, those who tried their hardest to head off the flash points or warn of the invasion, those who tried to sound the alarm are just too tired, too cash-strapped themselves to mount a resistance. The “shock and awe” of decades of labor abuse, systemic negligence, and budgetary malfesance has (supposedly) left state colleges and universities with no choice but to outsource their courses to online customer service providers who first entered higher education under the radar as “tutors” and then as “moodle” and “module” designers — those “instructional designers” from Capella, Phoenix, and other questionable degree granting institutions.

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