as usual, an interesting collection with welcome surprises ( revisiting John Brunner), more higher ed (maybe enough to send to As the Adjunctiverse Turns), and other treats

Gerry Canavan

* Welcome to My Massive Open Online Cult!

Welcome to my MOOC—Massive Open Online Cult—a 10-week course based on the revolutionary educational models of Coursera and edX. Due to the “massive” nature of this course, I am unable to interact with prospective cult members individually. Though I am acutely aware that the most fulfilling cult leader/acolyte relationship arises from months of sustained and deeply personal psychological manipulation, this is simply not an option with the MOOC format. However, I will do my best to break down your resistance mechanisms throughout the taped lectures.

Alex Kudera considers adjunct misery. Treating graduate students as people, not just scholars in training, will make them better professionals. Our Dirty Little Secret.

Now that three-quarters of college teachers are contingent faculty members like Duffleman, the depiction of professors as tweedy, pipe-smoking dons or turtlenecked, bearded radicals with actual authority is inherently reactionary. It paints…

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    • …to learn how to learn (and understand their own learning process well enough to take charge of it) because we can’t count on the education system doing it. Incidentally, I just finished reading another machines and human labor article, this one in the Chronicle of Higher Education (although the word education was never mentioned, just work),

      The topic does seem to be in the air. I don’t know if you are a reader of science fiction, but if so, you might enjoy Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, very much about ‘tech enhanced’ education. I am rereading it with a new perspective.


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