a good post on personal learning systems (a clear, self-explanatory term I may come to prefer over the ubiquitous acronyms). For some reason (maybe because one too many person told me that I had to have one), I never warmed up to “portfolios” and, despite having been told that my aggregation sites and home portal qualify, am still not entirely clear as to what they are or include. Instead, I have a system of sorts, messy and similar to the one described here. Besides, I am retired, my own person albeit on limited resources, doing my own thing(s), not applying for others or subjecting myself to reviews and evaluations.

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At a recent Everything Unplugged session (the Wednesday morning London meetup I went to), we discussed what systems and processes we use for learning. This struck me as being a bit too structured for me: I am not sure that my learning works like that. When I need to know something – a specific piece of knowledge for a bit of work, for example – I will either Google it (and start a trail of links, maybe making paper or digital notes as I go along) or ask someone (either face to face, on the phone, by email, Twitter or text message – indeed, whatever medium is the most appropriate for the person or the information).

Most of my learning, though, is adventitious and informal – accidental or serendipitous: things I come across in conversation or on the web, via Twitter or one of the many blogs I read. I…

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