Here I have been thinking about, wayfinding and sensemaking how to integrate two maybe three (seemingly) separate, but related areas when John’s post lands in my mailbox, address all of them. Those would be: developing independent self regulated learning projects, open online courses (MOOCdom) and adjunct advocacy. Now to go look up Harcourt and tweet this into the Change 11 stream.

John A Casey Jr

Tonight I attended a talk by University of Chicago Professor Bernard Harcourt at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago.  His talk was part of the Graham School of Continuing Studies Great Conversations seminar series.  The subject of his talk was Freedom and Education–the seminar series theme for this quarter–and he took the opportunity to explore more fully several themes in his most recent book The Illusion of Free Markets as he walked the audience through his understanding of what the terms “freedom” and “education” meant to him as well as how they were inter-related.

Providing the audience a clear outline to his presentation, Professor Harcourt began by outlining three theoretical points that he believed were central to any discussion of freedom and education.  The first was that “freedom” as the term is currently used is deliberately ambiguous.  This ambiguity allows economists to use the phrase “free market” when (in Harcourt’s view)…

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