A cautionary tale for student protesters elsewhere and perhaps precarious academic labor as well

The Undefended Border

Montreal Gazette copy editor Peter Wheeland has been slapped-down hard by the Quebec Press Council. It’s a sign of the times.

Copy editors are the anonymous, but essential workers at the centre of print journalism. Unlike columnists, beat journalists and desk editors, virtually no one who reads a daily newspaper or magazine knows their names. They have no by-lines, and they rarely appear in mastheads. Yet, print journalism can’t operate without them. They smooth the edges of the text we read, make the often rushed, often incomprehensible scribblings of star reporters intelligible, and turn raw copy into news stories. Every word in every column in every newspaper comes under their scrutiny.

I mention this for two reasons: The first is that copy editors, by virtue of their position as the readers and polishers of every word you see in the paper, tend to be ridiculously well-informed. You can’t read…

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