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#CCourses Daily Connect 20: Write Your Community


Originally posted on The Daily Connector:

Did you know that today is the National Day on Writing, as hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English? Let’s give it an international flavor, shall we? The theme of the Day on Writing this year is “writing my community” and so the idea for the Daily Connect is to create a visual that shows your connections to others in your own various networks. It could be a metaphorical map, with connector nodes. It could be a poem, celebrating your connections. Heck, it could be whatever it is you want it to be.

Celebrate writing today by doing some writing about your own communities, in whatever scale, form or media that suits you. And be sure to share out, using the #CCourses hashtag as well as the #writemycommunity hashtag.

Here is a collection of maps that were created at a workshop at the DML Conference, as part…

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After such broadband, what applications?


Originally posted on Bryan Alexander:

How will we use digital technologies differently if we boost broadband speeds and access?  Will faster connections change the way we live?

The Pew Research Internet Project canvassed a bunch of us for our thoughts.  Respondents generally noted similar themes, including increased telepresence, expanded socialization and collaboration, the possibility of new art forms, vast piles of data.  Some see virtual reality actually in use, while others shade that into augmented reality.  Most saw mobile devices as deeply involved in everyday life.

Education and medicine received more attention than other social sectors.  People emphasized personalization, big data, lifelong learning, and always-on learning for the former.

My own compressed, almost frantic response:

“Gaming has become a planetary culture industry, and it often relies on Internet connections for downloads, socialization, P2P gaming, security, etc. Game designers constantly push the resolution and display envelope; more bandwidth encourages this. We should expect new forms…

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Abundant Communities in Action: Street Parks, Gardens, Steps, and Rainbows  



What a lovely idea on for anywhere, surely adaptable to whatever scale or use suits a community

Originally posted on Building Creative Bridges:

When San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) and San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) representatives gathered over the weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Street Parks Program, they were honoring something that is both quintessentially San Franciscan and something seen throughout the United States: our ability to find abundance where others see cast-offs.

Block--Abundant_Community_BookIt’s the sort of commitment documented by Peter Block and John McKnight through their Abundant Community book, website, and online discussions. It’s a movement beautifully grounded in Tactical Urbanism. And it’s a sustainable, community-based, volunteer-driven effort that celebrates the work of people we don’t often notice: the people behind the projects that make our communities far more rich than they otherwise would be. Not bad for country where we so often hear about how badly divided we are.

“The [Street Parks] project was started to enable and assist community members in adopting DPW…

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A bank for the people – an idea whose time has come!


Originally posted on لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?:


Should the City of Santa Fe establish a public bank? The State of New Mexico? Maybe a Bank of Gaza?

Not a very sexy topic, but I’m convinced it’s a red hot, super-charged, high-explosive subject that deserves a lot more attention here in New Mexico and around the rest of the country. Maybe even Gaza.

Approximately 300-350 people attended the Banking on New Mexico Symposium sponsored by the Public Banking Institute and We Are People Here! in Santa Fe (Sept. 27, 2014) but there should have been two or three times that many. The event’s livestream is archived here and here.

In a nutshell, a public bank is controlled by a state or the public under state control. It reinvests the public’s money in the community to meet public goals, rather than sending our money to Dubai in search of the greatest return for the shareholders. Think

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Write, Share, Give: It’s SOL time

Write, Share, Give: It’s SOL time


Last year (influenced by Kevin Hodgson) I started to participate at McGee’s (Cyber) Closet but soon dropped by the wayside. I’m trying again. Join me.

Originally posted on TWO WRITING TEACHERS:

 WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog. SHARE a link to your post in the comments section. GIVE comments to at least three other SOLSC bloggers.

WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog.
SHARE a link to your post in the comments section.
GIVE comments to at least three other Slicers who link below.

“You are an expert at your own life. Nobody else is.”
–Jen Bryant

WONDERFUL NEWS! Margaret Simon, a longtime member of our writing community, will receive the NCTE Donald H. Graves Writing Award at the NCTE Annual Convention in Washington in November. Margaret will receive this award at the Elementary Section Get Together, which will be held on Thursday afternoon, November 20th. If you plan to be at NCTE, I hope you’ll join me at a table to cheer for Margaret when she accepts this prestigious award.

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Gute Fahrt: Lost in German translation

Gute Fahrt: Lost in German translation

Originally posted on Global News:

The German language is similar to English in many ways. Lots of words sound approximately the same in both languages:

  • Apple = Apfel
  • Bed = Bett
  • House = Haus

But not all words match so closely, with occasionally hilarious results for English speakers.


A PSA on the Berlin subway

A sign on Berlin’s subway warning people to hold onto their things for a safe ride. Note how the force of the fahrt takes her off her feet.

This is the one guaranteed to make every English speaker giggle like a six-year-old. The H is silent, so it’s pronounced Fart.

Fahrt in German is a verb meaning “drive” – from the infinitive “fahren”, “to drive”. It’s the third person singular: “Suzanne fahrt” means “Suzanne drives.”

It’s also a noun. So it’s perfectly acceptable in German to wish someone a “Gute Fahrt” – a “Good trip”… though probably not to the bathroom.

Not all Hamburgers are for eating

This one is…

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St. Louis Round-Up


Originally posted on Sarah Kendzior:

Like many others in St. Louis, I’ve spent the last two weeks furious, grieving, afraid, and inspired by the protesters and caring citizens of this beautiful, broken city. I have a few new articles coming out, and I’ll post them once they are online. But for now, here are some older pieces that shed light on St. Louis and the issues we face.

The view from flyover country (5/12/13)

Op-ed on St. Louis, the good and the bad. I’ll always be grateful for Al Jazeera English – the international Al Jazeera — for taking interest in St. Louis when most US outlets told me it was irrelevant.

In St Louis, you re-evaluate fair. In St Louis, you might have it bad, but someone’s got it worse. This is the view from flyover country, where the rich are less rich and the poor are more poor and everyone has fewer things to lose.

The symbol…

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Firechat’s new update makes it easier for Burners to chat their friends in the WiFi-less desert

Firechat’s new update makes it easier for Burners to chat their friends in the WiFi-less desert

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Chat room application FireChat has a new update out just in time for Burning Man. With its latest version, FireChat users now have set handles that no one else can use. The username will stay the same for one person, unless they create a brand new account under a new email address. Their username will be their own, and no one else will be able to use it.

If you haven’t heard of FireChat, the application allows people who are near each other to message in big group chats even without access to a cell signal. You can’t send private messages, but you can create a public chat room and invite your friends to it, using it to coordinate and communicate when texts and WhatsApps won’t go through. As you might imagine, it could be a crowd favorite at dense festivals like Burning Man and Coachella.

The introduction of official usernames in the app might not sound like a big…

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